Creditville Loans: How to Apply and Get up to N4million

 Creditville loan

Creditville offers cash loans for salary earners & Business owners to meet urgent needs ranging from Rent, school fees, business expansion without collateral, as well as vehicle loans for salary earners & for Uber/Taxify as well as Keke and MiniBuses. In this post you'll learn how to apply for creditville loans.

Table of Contents
  • About Creditville Limited
  • Loan products offered by Creditville limited
  • Requirements
  • Why Choose Creditville loan as your online lending platform
  • How to get a loan from creditville
  • Creditville loan interest rate
  • How to repay a creditville loan
  • How we reviewed Creditville Loans
  • Creditville contact details
  • Head office
  • Conclusion

About Creditville Nigeria

Creditville ltd is an asset management company and a private lending institution registered and operated in Nigeria, with business interest in consumer financeReal estate and capital markets.

Creditville ltd offers loans up to N4million to individuals in paid employment, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. With term's ranges from 1 - 24 months.

Loan Products offered by Creditville Limited in Nigeria

Creditville loan

Here is a list of all the loan products being offered by Creditville Limited:

1. Creditville Payday/Salary Loan

Sometimes life's comes with different situations where unexpected or needed expenses may arise and exceed our salary or perhaps payday is still far off despite our careful budgeting. That was why a product that keeps you going in an emergency situation was created.

Creditville salary loan in Nigeria was designed to get you the needed fund's totally stress free and without any charges whatsoever. You can apply and get from N100,000 to N4million without collateral for a maximum period of 18 months.

Requirements for a Creditville Payday/Salary Loan in Nigeria

  • Copy of a valid means of identification (eg. National ID, international passport, voter's card, driver's license etc)
  • Passport photograph
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, rent receipt)
  • Copy of client employee ID card
  • Last 6 months salary current account statement (stamped)
  • Copy of letter of employment or confirmation of employment
  • Payday loan request application letter
  • Duly completed salary loan application form
  • Postdated NUBAN cheque from client
  • Guarantor for salary less than N150,000 monthly (the guarantor will provide a passport photograph, employment ID Card and post dated cheque).

2. Creditville Business Loan

Creditville's business loan is a business funding product designed for business owners and self employed individuals to enable them grow their businesses and SMEs by providing working capital between the sum of N100,000 and N4million for a period of 6 months.

Creditville's business loans in Nigeria are without collateral and are specifically designed to get you the needed fund's totally stress free and without any charges whatsoever.

Requirements for a Creditville Business Loans in Nigeria

  • Any valid means of identification (National ID card, international passport or driver's license)
  • Last 6 months bank statement of account
  • One passport photograph
  • Post dated NUBAN cheque from the client
  • Certificate of incorporation and/or memorandum of association
  • A suitable guarantor who is a staff of any commercial Bank in Nigeria, a senior management staff of a blue Chip (quoted) company or a senior civil servant from grade level 14 and above, who will provide the following: Employment/Confirmation letter, One updated NUBAN cheque, Copy of staff ID card and filled guarantor form provided by creditville limited.

3. Creditville Cab Lease(Car hire purchase)

Creditville loan

Creditville's Cab lease is a car loan/auto finance product specifically designed for persons who want to own their own vehicle via the hire purchase method for as cabs on Uber, Taxify etc.

This car finance loan is presently empowering people to start up in business and become their own bosses by providing them with cabs for Uber, taxify and the likes. With just a token security deposit, you immediately take possession of any of it's wide range of certified brand new (tokunbo) vehicles of your choice for business use within the Lagos metropolis.

The best part of it is that creditville ltd devise a suitable installment payment for cars and within 24 months of use, subject to meeting agreed term's and conditions, the vehicle ownership reverts to being fully (100%) yours.

Creditville's hire purchase rates are very favourable to you and will ensure you earn adequately while meeting up with the monthly car loan installmental payments.


  • You must have knowledge of traffic laws
  • You must not be under the age of 28 or above 45years
  • Valid driver's license
  • Educational qualification: post-secondary qualifications
  • Minimum 5 years of driving experience
  • Class of driver's license: Class D
  • Provision of security deposit
  • Provision of suitable guarantor
  • Positive background check: Applicable to driver's and guarantor (must be positive).

4. Creditville Car Loan/Auto Lease

This products offers auto car loan facilities to individuals in paid employment in the form of an asset finance towards the acquisition of personal vehicles.

The car they'll help you buy is solely for private use. According to creditville term's and conditions, The vehicle financed shall not be used for any commercial purposes. Ownership of the car bought ultimately transfers to the customer at the end of the facility tenor, subject to having met all prescribed repayment terms.

Requirements for Creditville Car Loan/Auto Lease

  • Duly completed application form
  • Salary earners who are confirmed staff of blue-chip companies as well as other recognized structured companies/organizations
  • Salary earners who earn a minimum salary of N200,000
  • Valid professional driver's license
  • Last 6 months bank statement of account
  • Recent utility bill of house address
  • Copy of office ID card
  • Duly executed asset finance agreement
  • Evidence of equity contribution lodged with creditville ltd account.

Why Choose Creditville Loan as your Online Lending Platform in Nigeria

  • Creditville loan application is easy to apply
  • No collateral needed
  • No hidden charges
  • Good customer support system

How to Apply for Creditville Loan in Nigeria

Creditville loan

Follow this steps to get a creditville loan instantly:

Visit Creditville Website

The first step towards accessing for a creditville loan is to visit it's website at 

Apply for a loan

click on "Apply" to view all its loan products, and select the one that best suits your needs.

Fill out a Creditville Loan Application Form

Fill out creditville loan application form such as your name, phone number linked to your BVN, bank details, bank verification number (BVN) and so on.

Provide Your Documents

After filling out your loan application form, you'll be contacted by one of creditville agent to proceed to the documentation stage where the required documents will be submitted for inspection and approval.

For hire purchase, you'll be taken to the vehicle inspection stage where you inspect a wide range of vehicles you will like to purchase.

Loan Disbursement

If being accepted, your money will be disbursed to your bank account within 48hrs  or if it's for a car hire purchase, after a satisfactory vehicle inspection comes the documentation where all the paper work required to secure the car hire purchase loan is put together, assessed by their agent and subsequently the hire purchase car loan is approved.

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Creditville Loan Interest Rate

Creditville Interest rate is calculated on a reducing balance method. You will see your interest rates at the time of your loan application.

How to Repay a Creditville Loan

Your creditville loan repayment channel is via either cash deposit, cheque or autho-debit system, which will be presented to you at the time of loan application.

How Reviews Creditville Loans

  • Overall Score - 4.1
  • Affordability - 4.5
  • Availability - 3.7
  • Customer Experience - 4.0

Please note: All reviews are prepared by, opinion expressed therein are solely based and have not been reviewed or approved by any advertiser. The information, including rates and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review.

Creditville Contact Details

For more information about creditville loan system or for issues, please contact this number +2348055100010 or you can send a mail at

Creditville Loan Nigeria Head Office

180B Moshood Olugbani Street, Off Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


Creditville loan is one of the best loan Companies in Lagos Nigeria. They give out quick loans in Nigeria to individuals who are either salary earners or small scale business owners to help solve their personal needs and wants. Feel free to apply for a loan with them and be rest assured that your personal details is secured and can never be revealed to any third party.

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