How to apply for a Payday loan and get accepted within 24 hours

How to apply for a Payday loan

Are you looking for a Payday loan but found it difficult to get in touch with the right lender? If yes, then worry not. Here's how to apply for a Payday loan online no matter your location.

Table of Contents
  • What is a Payday loan
  • What do I need to get a Payday loan
  • How to get a Payday loan
  • Conclusion.

What is a payday loan?

A Payday loan is a salary-based short-term loans designed to give you quick access to money when I need that little bit extra to get through to the end of the month. These loans are usually repaid within two weeks or on your next payday, at which point the repayment amount is automatically deducted from your account.

What do I need to get a Payday loan

This guide will help you get a payday loan instantly. But here are they requirements:

1. Valid means of identification

In order to get a Payday loan, you'll be required to submit your government issued identity card known as ID card. In order to verify your identity.

2. Bank details

In order for loan disbursement to take place, you are required to submit your bank details such as account number, BVN and bank name etc.

3. Salary earners/self employed

Some financial institutions, money lenders or banks will only consider your application if you are permanently employed and have been working at a place of employment for 3 - 6 months, while others will only require you to have a regular income.

4. Bank statement of account

You will be required to provide your recent 3 - 6 months bank statement of account. In order to verify that your salary/income reflects in your bank account every month.

5. Age limit

Before applying for payday loan, you must not be under the ageof 20 or above 60 years.

How to get a Payday loan

How to apply for a Payday loan

To get a Payday, you have to visit any bank branch near you or through online lenders. You will be required to fill out an application form. Loan disbursement takes place within 24 hours if being accepted.

However, if you are having difficulty in finding a lender, you can lean on FinanceWithDes to help take the frustration out of finding the right loan lenders for your needs.


A payday loan offers high interest rates and short term repayment tenor. Always make sure that the interest rates suits your lifestyle and also try to pay on time or on it's due date to avoid being penalized.

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