5 Apps for Earning Extra Cash You Need to Download Now In Nigeria

Did you know that their are some apps that pays in Nigeria when you install them on your Android phone? You also get paid when you perform other simple tasks while Using the app.

I guess most of us tends to use our mobile phone only to answer calls, socialize on social media, watch YouTube, play music and games. Isn't it? In this article I will show you these 5 apps for earning extra cash you need to download now in Nigeria.

They apps am talking about is not a get rich quick scheme of thing, but if you are hardworking and determine, you are sure to be making a minimum of N18,000 per month.

Table of Contents
  • Apps that Pay you Real Money in Nigeria
  • Apps that pays in Naira
  • WowApp
  • InstaNaira
  • Carry1st Live Trivia
  • MineNaira
  • Mobrog Survey
  • Conclusion

Apps that Pay you Real Money In Nigeria

These apps pays you real money in Nigeria only when you install it and perform any of these activities:

Talking Surveys

Getting the public opinion about a particular product is what so many companies needed urgently and are willing to pay. Because many companies tends to make use of surveys to gain reviews, feedback and insight knowledge about their products so as to determine if their products needs changes in functionality or amendment.

Product Testing

When some companies introduces a new products they needed someone to test their products before they launch it and because of this, they are willing to pay some cash to it's user's so that they can test and confirm if the product is good to use or needs some amendment.

Watching Videos/Movies

Some apps will pay you for watching videos, movies or TV Shows on their app. These videos can be theirs or could be videos of their partners and they earn money from their partners for letting you to watch it and on the other hand, these creates more awareness for their partners products.

Installation of Apps

Some companies are willing to pay you money just to download and install their apps on your mobile phone. Yes it's real, these apps pays in Nigeria and this type of pay is what we called Cost per install program in short CPI. CPI is a situation where app inventors are willing to pay money for any one that will download and install it on their mobile phone.

Apps That Pay In Naira

1: WowApp - Earn, Share, Do good

WowApp is a free revolutionary app that pays you in Nigeria as a result of your daily activities. Once you earn money, you can either cash it out or choose to do good for others by donating to one of the nearly 2,000 supported charities, in over 110 countries.

Inside the WowApp sharing economy, you earn money as a result of activities you currently perform without reward: Read news, surf the web, play games, take surveys, chart, shop online, open your mobile or perform tasks.

Note: Everyday you use WowApp, you do good in the world because a part of your daily earnings from each activity is automatically donated to the charity of your choice. Imagine a world where each and everyone of us is a benefactor every single day!

All you need is (1) Install the WowApp. (2) Register by creating an account. (3) participate in all, or any activity and earn money. (4) withdraw your earnings. 

2: InstaNaira - Watch videos, Read news, Earn Money

Instanaira is a new revolutionary app that pays in naira when you read Nigerian news and watch Nigerian videos in a beautiful way while using the app. You can also invite your friends and earn earn, you can redeem this money at the cash out center, or via bank transfer. InstaNaira is one of the 5 apps for earning extra cash you need to download now in Nigeria.

All you need is (1) install the App. (2) open the app and select from the available posts. (3) you'll also get notification when there's a breaking news.

3: Carry1st Live Trivia - Play, Learn, Earn

Carry1st live trivia is also known as Africa's live trivia and also the biggest live trivia game in Nigeria. It allows you to compete in the biggest live trivia games everyday on a range of topics, from Afrobeats and Nollywood to Nigerian history and business icons and you earn cash reward when you answered some questions correctly. You also earn extra money when you invite your friends via your code to join the fun.

Carry1st trivia app is like playing in a game show from your mobile phone. Learn something new having fun. Quiz it up and earn money for using your knowledge to answer questions. You can also play practice mode to sharpen your brain.

All you need is (1) Download and install the free App. (2) Watch out for notifications for game time. (3) Use your brain to get the highest score. (4) Earn money for the most correct answers. (5) Miss a question? Earn a DASH by inviting friends to play.

4: MineNaira - Earn Naira from Home

MineNaira is one of those apps in Nigeria that pay you N1 - N3 per each minute just for being active on their website. Join today and start earning money every minute by doing nothing except keeping mining window open and completing jobs. Withdraw your earnings via bank transfer.

All you need is (1) Install the free app. (2) Register to create an account. (3) Get cash by leaving mining windows open. (4) withdraw your earnings and receive your payment via bank transfer or through PayPal.

5: Mobrog Survey App - Share your opinion and earn

Companies and academy researchers want to hear your opinion so that they can develop new products and improve their existing products and services. By using the Mobrog survey app, you can take part in interesting surveys and earn money while you participate. No matter where you are or what time it is. Note: They pay you N180 - N1,080 per survey and you can redeem your earnings via Skrill or PayPal.

The survey commence as soon as you click on the link, be ready to answer some questions being thrown at you by simple clicking on an option or entering text and once you gatherd some cash they will credit the money you earn in the survey to your member account. You can redeem it through Skrill or PayPal.

All you need is (1) install the Mobrog app from Google play store. (2) Create an account and enter details about yourself and your interest in your profile within the app. (3) Take part in surveys using the app and get paid for your opinion.

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These 5 apps for earning extra cash that i listed above are good and legit apps that pays you in Nigeria. Install any one that you found interested, register, participate in it's activities and earn real money with your Android phone in Nigeria.

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