Izwa Loan | Requirements | Interest Rate | How to Apply | Up to 50,000

Need a loan? Get one with izwa loan, the fast credit loans to mobile. Available in Kenya, Nigeria and other African countries. Up to 50,000 with it's repayment terms ranging from 2 - 12 months. No collateral needed, everything is paperless.

Izwa loan should be your go to source when it comes to getting quick and short term loan and all the loan process are all done through the izwa loan app.

Table of contents
  • Requirements
  • Types of loan you can get from izwa
  • How it works
  • Benefits
  • How to Apply
  • Interest rate
  • Loan limit
  • Izwa Loan App Download
  • Repayment channel
  • Contact Number
  • Conclusion


Before seeking for a loan on the izwa loan app, please make sure to provide these following requirements:
  1. Means of Identification
  2. Personal Details (your name, phone number, email address etc)
  3. Bank Details
  4. BVN Number
  5. Smartphone.

Types of Loan you can Get from Izwa

  • Business Loan: If you are a small scale business owner, and you needed small capital to bolster your business, Izwa loan is their for you as long as your loan amount doesn't exceed 50,000.
  • Medical Loan: Are you in urgently need of a quick and short term loan to take care of your medical issue? If yes, then, consider izwa loan.
  • Personal Loan: If you are in need of a loan to take care of some personal issues such as traveling, wedding, reconstruction of old house or for any other reason, then izwa loan is their to assist you.

How it Works

Izwa loan works in the following ways:
  1. Download and install the izwa loan app on your Android phone
  2. Create an account
  3. View your loan limit and submit your loan request
  4. Receive your loan within 24 hours if being accepted.

Benefits of Izwa Loan App

  1. No sign-up fee
  2. It is fast, secured and easy to use
  3. All loan applications are processed within 5 minutes
  4. No collateral or documents needed, everything is pure paperless
  5. Good customer support team.

How to Apply for Izwa Loan

  1. Download and install the izwa loan app
  2. Launch the app and hit the sign up button
  3. Provide your requirement form (personal and bank details, means of Identification, BVN number etc.)
  4. View your loan limit and submit your loan request
  5. Your loan will be disbursed into the account you provided within 24 hours if being accepted.

Interest Rate

Izwa loan interest rate is 4 - 8% and a maximum APR of 25%.

Loan Limit

Izwa loan limit is usually from 250 to 50,000. With it's repayment terms ranging from 60 days - 365 days.

Izwa Loan App Download

To download and install the izwa loan app, please visit your Google play store for Android users or Apple play store for iOS user's and type "izwa loan app" from the search query. Now download and install the app.

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Izwa Loan Repayment Channel

Is your loan approaching it's due date (s)? Or at when due? If yes, then, worry no more, follow these steps to repay your loan:
  1. Login to the izwa loan app and click on "repayment"
  2. Choose either to pay via card or bank
  3. Provide your bank details
  4. Type in your repayment amount
  5. Within 5 minutes, your loan balance will be deducted from your account.

Contact Number

Do you have any issues, or queries? If yes, please contact the izwa team through the app or you can send them a mail at izwaloans@gmail.com

Izwa loan app is among the fastest and quickest loan app in Kenya, Nigeria etc that provides short term loan to individuals. While Using the app, please note that all your details is protected and cannot be revealed to other third party.

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